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It’s the fundraiser everyone is talking about – don’t miss your chance to "Bear" your friends and family!

How It Works

For a minimum donation of $50 we’ll set up 10 big Golden Bear signs in any yard in Upper Arlington — just tell us where. The Bears will stay for one night, then migrate to new territory the next day.

And for an extra $100 you can get a Limited Special Edition Bear to keep! Order now because there are only 20 of these special bears in our pack.  (Special Edition Bears are delivered after Golden Bear Spirit week)


We want to see our Bears make appearances all over Upper Arlington!

Surprise a friend, neighbor or business! Or put them in your own yard to show your school spirit!


Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Level – $1500

*Family or Corporate Logo usage on all Golden Bear Spirit materials.

*Logo listed on PTO website linked directly to your company website.

*Logo will be displayed on the Yard Signs that move with the Bear Packs.

*A Golden Bear Pack Included

Gold Level – $500

*Family or Corporate Name on JMS Sponsorship Banners to be displayed in the Auditorium & Gymnasium for the school year.

*Family or Corporate Name listed on a Golden Bear Spirit Banner to be displayed at Jones throughout the event.

*Family or Corporate Name listed on Jones PTO website.


Black Level – $250

*Family or Corporate Name on a Golden Bear Spirit Banner to be displayed at Jones throughout the event.

*Family or Corporate Name listed on the Jones PTO website and in the Fall Pro Program.


2023-2024 Platinum Level Sponsors

2023-2024 Gold Level Sponsors

  • The Scott Family

  • The Cullman Family

  • Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling

  • The Lucas Family

  • The Tscholl Family

  • The Lashutka Family

  • Elford

  • The Barney Family

  • The Farber Family

  • The Nawrocki Family

  • The Musick Family

2023-2024 Black Level Sponsors

  • The Murray Family

  • The Snyder/Beal Family

  • Lowe'n'Strauss House

  • The White Family

  • The McKenna Family

  • The DeHays Family

  • The Pfahl Family

  • The Miller Family

  • The Nye Family 

  • The Uritus Family

  • The Walter Family

  • The Humphreys Family

  • The Martini Family

  • The Jones Family

  • The Burleson Family

  • The Ostarchvic Family

  • The Neckers Family

  • The Schiavoni Family

Golden Bear Spirit

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